The secrets of a killer landing page – here are some tips

My landing page

Do you have a landing page with clear goals driving visitors through to a specific action?

If you don’t have something special that you want to highlight, then you probably won’t need a landing page. But if you have a special promotion for a limited time or you want to bring attention to a new product or a service then presenting this on DIGITAL MEDIA is very important.

A landing page is not the same as your website homepage; it’s a standalone web page that a visitor arrives on after clicking an ad promotion on search results. Usually there won’t be any navigation links and there will only be one or two call specific call to actions.  A good landing page will generally include relevant images or videos.

The landing page should have an outstanding headline and located above the folder (without scrolling down the page).  Remember a compelling headline is important to convince your visitors, read and get attention.

Here are some secrets of a fantastic landing page designed to convert your visitors into shoppers:

  • Create a compelling headline
  • Share unique proposition that provide value
  • Include relevant images (or even a video)
  • Use trust indicators (such as customer testimonials or a link to trust pilot)

There are a few ways you can get a outstanding landing page, and here are some ideas for you:

  • If you have good skills in graphic design, then you can do it yourself
  • You could by a ready-made template 
  • You could use the service of a reputable digital media agency

If your business is more corporate and branding is important, then getting a landing page created professionally is the way forward as the design will match the theme of your website. 

by approaching a professional digital marketing agency in London can both save you time and ensure superb design.  Digital marketing agencies in London usually work to the delicate details as they usability and user experience seriously. If you do decide to use a digital media agency in London, make sure they are highly rated and #1 in creating landing pages.