Why hire a SEO company and not just a digital agency?

Expert SEO Consultant at work

Whether you just launched a new website or had a web re-design, you may have had an offer from your web design company to do your SEO for you.  Not all web design companies or digital agencies are SEO agencies.   They may tell you that they do SEO, but you need to be careful as it’s a skilled area that many digital agencies don’t have.  So, you may have an amazing new website for your start up or re-design, but it’s not ranking on search. 

Make sure you do your research to find an expert SEO agency to do your online marketing.  You will find that a professional SEO agency will do competitor research, keyword research, and audit (if necessary) so that they can work out your target audience.  Then suggest the most effective digital strategy to rank your website and keep your #1 position on search engines for longer.

Finding a reputable SEO agency in London

If you think finding a reputable SEO company is hard to out smart your competition, then think again.   The winners that are currently outranking your business on search are currently are using experts in the industry.  So, its no impossible … you just are not looking hard to find the right SEO company.  We all know that ranking #1 on search is not easy but finding the #1 SEO team in London is easy.

Here are some helpful tips for your company:

  • Don’t just search for a digital marketing company as may not be experts at SEO
  • Don’t be worried about hiring a small SEO company over a large – Its all about the reputation
  • Don’t be fooled by their impeccable website, pick up the phone and ask question
  • Next time you get a marketing call from a SEO company, take them seriously

You need to take charge of your business and beat your competitors by getting a top SEO company in London.  When searching for good SEO company in London ask the right questions and get the SEO company to provide you a free SEO site audit, along with their proposal.  This way you will have a full picture of where your business is currently and where it can go.