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Before we begin SEO on your website, we analyse search trends to understand some of the big pictures of what the search engine are doing and how it will affect our strategy.

We follow white hat marketing practices so that we can ensure that we can rank you to the top of search results and hold your position there.  To maintain your rankings, we will ensure that we adjust the SEO strategy to meet all algorithmic updates.

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Getting ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing is important if you want to get an online presence. However, most businesses try to get their online presence on Google as it has the largest market share.  SEO involves both onsite SEO and off-site SEO, and digital marketing companies will do both to help you rank your website on page 1 of google.

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What We Do For Your Business


Technical SEO Audits

SEO audit are valuable for any business to identify strengths and weaknesses in their current SEO strategy.   There are many factors that could affect your website performance on search engines.  You should ensure that your website is bug free, SEO friendly and loads fast to give the best user experience. You can trust us to use our cutting-edge technologies to do a link audit to find out issues that can be affecting your website performance on search engines. 

Content And META Optimisation

Due to an increased competition in social marketing, many businesses are finding it difficult to stand out on social media. This is where a social media content comes in play.  There are many contests that we can setup to help engage with potential buyers, such as; Facebook ads, email newsletters to existing leads, website pop-up displaying the contest. We will use a wide reaching promotional strategy to help make the content a success. 


Online Reputation Management

We maintain our clients’ online reputation by uploading fresh content on their blogs, brand awareness, and reaching out to reputable industry related businesses to help boost your websites social PR.  All this brings some added benefits to help promote any business.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Turning a shopper into a buyer is very important for any business. Conversions happen when people take a businesses desired action and buys.  There are many factors that can affect conversion rates, and it’s vital to make the necessary improvements on your website and marketing strategy to improve your conversion rate.

SEO Reporting

SEO reporting is important as it measures the traffic and how well it is converting. Businesses need valuable traffic to get a return on their marketing spend.  Goals are important as they are leads, revenue and conversion rates.  We have cutting edge SEO reporting tool to help illustrate keyword rankings, keyword movements, website traffic movements, social media growths. We provide valuable reporting as part of our well-integrated marketing strategy.  

Link Building

Link building is still a huge part of search engines ranking factors. However, its important to build quality natural links to win the game of SEO. The best rule is don’t do what works today but do what works tomorrow. That’s you can rely on a knowledgeable SEO team to ensure that it is done right and get the right eye balls on your content. So that you can get quality relevant traffic that drive your SEO campaign.